Hi, I'm Sieglinde! (pronounced seeglinduh)

I'm a creative thinker, an artist and an art-to-wear designer on top.  

My story might inspire you to think more about your own ...

My work is an invitation to step outside your self-imposed box and live a life without regret.


I create rather dreamy, veiled and layered images that may resemble a true to life scene, but ultimately serve to construct a new idea of what could also be real. In other words: what else is possible? It is an open invitation for you to define and re-define what is in front of you. Not just what you see, but what you FEEL as well. In the end, it is all about defining new realities, and new identities. Not in the sense of "who are you," but rather "WHO CAN YOU BE?"


Truth is I never gave the idea of “identity” - let alone my own identity – much thought until I migrated from Europe to the US and my most official source of identification became an alien registration number.  Quite sobering, though easy enough to laugh away when put into its due bureaucratic perspective. 

Much more poignant was the fact that I arrived here with a firmly rooted background, including a good sense of who I was and what I stood for, or so I thought. It didn’t take long for me to realize I was not able to fully transplant Sieglinde in Europe, to Sieglinde in the US.


I had to adapt to a new society and RE-IMAGINE who I was along the way ... including who I wanted—or could be—on this side of the ocean. 


It became an interesting journey in debating which new values to adopt, which old beliefs to shed and which “idea of me” was most AUTHENTIC and REAL. After 21 years, I realize I have become a tourist in both places, my home country and my new home base alike.


Geographical relocations aside, I am also the most conscious “state of me” I have ever been which unapologetically paved a highway to personal empowerment, fulfillment and success.

Can I INSPIRE you to define and redefine your reality, and RE-IMAGINE who YOU can be?


Time and time again I observe how art experiences open the door to the imagination and creation of new ways to walk through life (dreaming, healing, mindfulness, activism, contemplation and much much more included). Quite amazing actually.


Therefore I enjoy working together to create BEAUTIFUL SPACES by bringing interesting, valuable art into your life. By beautiful spaces I mean both the space you live or spend a lot of time in (home, office), but it also includes your body ... the one space you "live in" and take with you everywhere you go.  Art is the perfect conduit to create a fabulously decorated HAPPY HOME you love and enjoy sharing with family and friends. And art-to-wear brings a UNIQUE CLOTHING style that makes you feel radiant, self-confident and ready to step out to socialize and network.


I'm not talking any kind of random, fancy decoration in a nice frame nor any colorful fabric with a flattering cut. I mean the right works of art that CONNECT with you, perhaps even challenge you to define or redefine your own day-to-day reality. At first, it may simply serve as a reminder to open your mind and expand your imagination to other POSSIBILITIES. Soon, you are perceived as the most awesome conversation partner because art always has an interesting story to tell. Until, ultimately, it serves as an inspiring catalyst to unlock your personal happy, success story.  PERMISSION TO PLAY, and no need to play it safe!


In short, art has the ability to exponentially expand your horizons because art sparks interest, encourages free thinking, evokes deep emotion, and always has a story to tell. Added bonus: more and more studies show the beneficial effects of art on stress relief, depression, self-esteem, empathy, brain functioning, and overall mental health and physical health, just to name a few. As a matter of fact, simply looking at beautiful art boosts the level of dopamine in our brain—that's the HAPPINESS hormone!—even going as far as to mimick a similar feeling to falling in love. 🤔 Ok then, what else is possible ...? 🤗


Authentic, REAL, and with a great story to tell. Be happy, love yourself, love LIFE and let art empower you to define and redefine your personal reality and happy SUCCESS story. 


Cheers and talk soon @studiosieg on Facebook or Instagram 😊



Sieglinde Van Damme is an internationally exhibiting artist specialized in lens-based media. Over the course of her 17-year career she participated in a dozen solo and over 50 group exhibitions (US and International). 


In 2017, Sieglinde launched studiosiegXclusive, an art-to-wear clothing and accessories line based on her photographic work which made her an accidental fashion designer on top. 


Sieglinde received multiple awards and nominations, such as the 2009 “Lorenzo di Medici Award” in the video category at the Contemporary Art Biennale in Florence (Italy); the 2014 Belle Foundation Individual Grant for artistic merit in California; the 2018 Leigh Weimers Artist Awards in San Jose, CA; and a 2019 grant from the San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs' Creative Industries Incentive Fund through the Center for Cultural Innovation.


Her work and writings have been published in various catalogs and media publications both in the US and in Europe.


Sieglinde holds an MS Economics from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) and an MFA in Photography from San Jose State University. Her non-art related career included positions as Strategic Communications Director, Chief Communications Officer and Business Communications Consultant.


Full resume available upon request.

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