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creative input for a happier, more positive you

award-winning art to hang & art-to-wear


Looking for a more nurturing environment to live and work?


Create an emotionally healthy home or office with studiosiegOriginal art to hang.

"When we invested in two of Sieglinde's large photographic prints, it brought such an incredibly peaceful feeling to our living room ... and our kids love it too!" ~ N. B.

Look and feel amazing without paying designer prices nor funding Chinese sweatshops!


Embrace the exact opposite of fast fashion with the award-winning studiosiegXclusive art-to-wear.

"When I wear Sieglinde's art-to-wear clothing I feel special, like it shows I am comfortable being my own, unique, wonderful self!" ~ D.H.

HIGHLIGHT - January 14, 2020
My interview on creativity and creative expression on the Erica Glessing Show.
Click here to listen to the podcast.
2018 Fashion Show © Hiram Shee

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